National Scout Rifle Championships

Date: 5th Nov 2019 Author: Jordan Ashley

Shropshire Scouts at the National Scout Rifle Championships 2019

Twenty-four Shropshire Scouts and Scouters enjoyed taking part in the National Scout Rifle Championships at Bisley last weekend and came home with a clutch of medals. Will your Group/ESU join them next year?


Shropshire Scout County Notable Performances included: 


Gold     Abi Drinkwater 8th Bridgnorth Field Target (Under 14)
Silver   Martin Croll 1st Monkmoor Sport Crossbow
Silver   Bethany Smith Boreatton Smallbore Rifle (Classes A & X; Under 14)
Silver   Bethany Smith Boreatton 6 yard Air Rifle (Under 14)
Bronze Bethany Smith Boreatton 3-Position Individual Sporter Rifle


Other “Top-Ten” placings

1st Monkmoor,             Group 6-yard Air Rifle Team Competition for the Webley Scott Trophy

Team: Anthony Jones, Freya Lane, Amber Daniels-Sanders, Olivia Croll


Shropshire-1                Target Sprint Team

Team: Leon Humphreys (Boreatton), Tom Cambidge (Boreatton), Jack Bebbington (Karakorum ESU)


Amber Daniels-Sanders 1st Monkmoor Target Sprint Class A (Under 14)
James Hoyland Boreatton Target Sprint Class B (Under 14)
James Hoyland Boreatton Pistol (Under 14)
Bethany Smith Boreatton Field Target (Under 14)
Bethany Smith Boreatton 10 Metre Sporter Rifle
Jack Bebbington Karakorum ESU 3-Position Sporter Rifle
Ciara Bebbington, Karakorum ESU .22 Small-bore – Class A
John Dohoo Shropshire County .22 Small-bore – Class X





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