Growth and Development

Throughout my tenure, I want every young person that wants to Scout to be given the opportunity…

Dexter, County Commissioner, County AGM 2017

We are wholly confident that Scouting is beneficial to young people because we experience it week-in-week-out. We know Scouting is good for the communities in which we operate. We are proud that Scouting is fun, therefore we want to be able to extend that opportunity to as many people as possible.

Growth and Development starts with building a strong Group with a cohesive volunteer team of Group Scout Leader, Section Leadership Teams and Trustees and then is build up, strong and tall, like a pioneering tower…

The Pioneering Spars…

Build the Base

Scouting will only flourish where the Group is strong, well run, knows where it is going, and if sufficiently resourced to provide an amazing programme.

Further support for Trustees can be found in our Trustee Support section.

The Lashings…

Recruit the Adults

Once you’ve developed a Group worth joining, people will want to join in.
When recruiting adult volunteers remember our Volunteer Journey – welcome them warmly, be honest, match the person to the role, and be positive. Adults are turned off by threats to close sections if they don’t get involved – if the existing Group aren’t willing to support it, is it really worth supporting? You are more likely to be successful by highlighting how fun and rewarding volunteering is; how proud you feel at the end of the evening.


The Regional Services Team are Headquarters Staff who are funded to work in partnership with the County/Districts to support some growth and development projects, including opening new sections, opening new groups and delivery of Grow your Group and Grow your Unit. If you think you have a project that can be supported by the RST please speak to DCC Growth and Development or the County Commissioner.

The fun once you’ve built your tower…

Recruit the Young People

Young People want to join Scouts – recruiting them is simply a matter of ensuring we are delivering a high quality programme and then letting our communities know what an awesome time the kids are having!

Joining Lists

Once you’re delivering a high quality programme and showing the world you may end up having to start a joining list:

  • Ensure they have asked at other local groups, let’s not have them missing out
    The administration of Joining Lists (e.g. first come first served or by age) is at the discretion of the Group
  • Keep regular contact with the parent/carer/guardian
  • Always encourage parents to volunteer in some way
  • Please make sure your Joining List is GDPR compliant
  • If your Joining List warrants opening another section please report it as such at Census and speak to DCC Growth and Development / DC or CC
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls